My First Caving | August 7, 2011

Preparation and briefing at the SDA Central Church Iligan City for the MACFA – WIDE caving. 7AM.

All Master Guides under the MACFA federation was mandated to attend the said event to support hundreds of mixed participants (mostly, were first timers in caving).

Departure Time: 9:30 AM

First Stop

After 1 hour of travel by wheels, we arrived at our first stop. at last, we’re almost there . . . at the foot of the mountain. 😀

1 Hour Hiking to Brgy. Hindang

1 Hour Hiking to Brgy. Hindang

After this, we had our lunch.

EAT! haha. Conserve your energy sisters, it is needed ahead.

After an hour of rest, another hour and a half was spent to trek into the caves of Brgy. Hindang.

Ate Rhoda and Kuya Eli

This is a limestone cave. It’s always wet and cold here. This characteristic of a limestone cave attracts tourists to return again and again.

Hindang Cave

This is me, standing beside a stalactite.

I’m violating the cave rules actually, it’s not advised for tourists to hold stalactites or stalagmites. This is because it will be moved by a single centimeter or so, then this will  prevent the stalagmites and stalactites to meet.

The following pictures are taken on our way down from the peak of the mountain.

Ms. Genon, Shilla, and Me 🙂

From left to right (Ms. Genon, Rustom Gomez, Marveluz Blessie Ensencio, Shilla Ferrer, Me, Unknown) Ms. Jezreel Biton took this picture.

An American Adventist and his family

This Adventist together with his family had their home up in the mountains(in Brgy. Hindang). They’ve been here for years for the reason of experiencing a life in the country side in a Third-World country.

Mrs. Eve Ong took a video while some of the youth offered a song service to the Adventist Family.

Some? Where are the others? are they not to participate in the song service?

haha we’re HERE:

Just at the back of their home! weeee! the whole place was not captured. SAYANG! 😀 But, I assure you, this place was so nice, no man-made beautifications, 100% natural. 😀 Praise God for creating such a place.

The whole day was so exhausting but the experience and fun are above all weariness 😀 we arrived at the church around 8PM in the evening.

This is one of the most memorable moments in my life.

After the caving, most of the youth requested to have a second caving, for it was so great. Some elders say that it would be possible for the next Federation meeting. This was on August of 2011, today is July 10, 2012, and next Sabbath was scheduled for the 2012 Federation meeting. ^_^ Could there be a second caving a week or month from now? who knows? haha. If there would be, I will not hold myself from coming. yeah!

Excel! Sure!